About Me

Gather around, for I am about to tell you a tale of an Aussie developer who braved the high seas of the internet, surfed the highest of webs and tamed the wildest of servers.

After realising I was never going to be a rockstar, playing in the next reincarnation of The Rolling Stones, I set my sights on "working with computers" as many of my family aptly describe what I do to others.

I am completely self-taught and learned to program back when people still read books and you used to get an awesome bonus CD-ROM with your book with code examples, free software and so on.

I started out as a full-stack developer, working with every part of the stack. And then as time went on, I realised I want to specialise in the front-end because Javascript was starting to become more powerful and it's such a universial language, it runs everywhere.

I spend my days and nights keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques and new browser API's. I keep an open mind and use whatever is available to me.


Github Repos



Ask me to build you something with the following.

  • The basics; - CSS, HTML and Javascript (including newer specification features in ES2015 and up)
  • Firebase - I love Firebase. Everything that I build that requires a backend uses Firebase, because it's easy-to-use, has a fantastic Javascript SDK and it offers; hosting, file storage, real time database and a few other awesome features.
  • Aurelia - I am highly proficient in the Aurelia Javascript framework, a member of the core team, regularly blog about it, have created plugins and contributed to the Aurelia tag on StackOverflow.
  • React - Before Aurelia, I worked extensively with React after being tortured by Angular.js and its digest cycle errors and repeat performance.
  • Vue.js - Like many, I went from Angular to React. And now, thanks to its fantastic developer experience, have been using Vue.js a bit. Tidyfork (mentioned above) was one of my first forays into Vue.js.

Contact Me

I have a heavy online presence and can be reached pretty easily almost anywhere. The best way to get in touch is via dwaynecharrington at gmail dot com. I check my email regularly, it's probably your best bet for getting in touch with me.